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Addressing Stress in the Construction Workplace Part 2

As mentioned in part one, stress can become problematic if it is not dealt with. For example, stress can lead to a worker being injured on the job which could cause chronic pain, which eventually could lead to depression, and, if left untreated, can ultimately be the culprit for a worker committing suicide. With increasing reports of workplace stress, our Orlando construction attorneys know that workplace stress is detrimental and can’t be dismissed. The well-being of your workers is at risk and the efficiency and safety of the workplace are on the line.

How to Manage Stress

Managing stress requires an awareness of self and the proactivity of both workers and employers. Control also plays a role in stress management. If you feel you lack control, you are likely to manage stress poorly. The American Psychological Association advises workers to manage their stress by writing down the things that cause you to stress, how you respond, and how you react. Next, if you notice you react negatively to identified stressors, replace them with healthier responses. For example, if you tend to drink alcohol to wind down, go for a walk or jog instead. Also, if you feel that you are being assigned more work than you can handle, set realistic expectations. Don’t forget to schedule time off from work periodically for fun and rest. If you need additional support, take advantage of your company’s employee assistance program if one is available.

The Role of the Employer

Employers have a role in minimizing the stress of their employees. This includes giving realistic deadlines and workloads, keeping work hours around 50 hours or less, providing opportunities for learning and growth, and giving reasonable wage increases. Workers will also appreciate a healthy support system where all employees are treated with respect and have access to the same job opportunities. If workers feel they are valued and rewarded for their work, they are likely to stick around longer and enjoy their jobs. Safety professionals must place employee health and safety as a priority by reducing and eliminating hazards and encouraging workers to report hazards without fear of retaliation.

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