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Advantages of Offsite Construction Part 1

As a contractor, you are always looking for methods that will allow your team to complete work more efficiently and at a lower cost. In essence, you want to work smarter, not harder. You have a great deal of projects on your plate (ideally) and the longer you are one project, the longer it takes to get to the next one, which can affect your bottom line.

One idea that’s has a gained momentum in recent years is offsite construction. This is a process in which specific components of a structure are built away from a construction site and then installed once it has been created. Offsite construction comes in a two similar but separate categories, prefabrication (prefab) and modular. Prefab refers to assembling building components and then installing them into a structure. Modular refers to the creation of entire rooms or parts of a building, prior to adding it to the structure.

While there has been some resistance to the offsite construction process, it’s presenting cost savings for contractors throughout the country. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Streamline construction schedules: One misconception of offsite construction is that it’s a complete alternative to on-site construction. The reality is that progressive construction companies build certain components offsite, while other work takes place on-site. This allows companies to produce multiple components of a structure at once, making for shorter project schedules and quicker project completions. This can reduce delay claims and other instances for which you would need a Jacksonville construction litigation attorney. Also, the offsite construction process is resistant to weather delays.
  • Requires less labor: Having specific components or rooms of a structure produced offsite means less workers on-site. As any Jacksonville construction lawyer will tell you, our industry is in the midst of a major skilled labor shortage. Offsite construction alleviates that by lessening the need for workers on the job site.

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