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Advice for Handling Construction Project Changes

In spite of everyone’s best intentions, it is unlikely that many construction projects will move along without any hiccups. From start to finish, a change or two, or more will likely be made. Experienced construction professionals understand that fluctuations will occur in pricing, schedules, and client proposed changes, and will plan ahead for these interruptions.

There are ways to lessen the number of changes you’ll experience. Our Orlando construction lawyers will tell you how.

Prepare for the Most Common Changes

Having an awareness of the following changes that occur frequently during a construction project is your first line of defense for preparing for them or preventing them from happening:

  • Client adjustments
  • Contract errors
  • Building code changes
  • Inclement weather
  • Workforce shortage
  • Poorly defined project scope/objectives
  • Unavailability of materials and equipment
  • Change in regulations
  • Third-party interference
  • Unforeseen financial problems

Manage Expectations

Keep clients happy by managing projects with transparency. For example, if substitutions need to be used in lieu of another material, let your client know. This will lessen misunderstandings and eliminate allegations of deceitful practices.

Communicate Often

There are many moving parts on a construction project so it is critical that there be a clear chain of communication that is continuous, straightforward, and transparent every step of the way. Whether through written documentation, email, phone, or face-to-face, communicate all changes with management and other workers to lessen confusion. This will improve teamwork and collaboration as well as reduce misunderstandings and delays down the road. If communication is not handled properly, this can increase the incidence of breaches which will require the guidance of an Orlando construction lawyer.

Keep Accurate Records

Documentation is a vital part of communication. Keeping accurate internal records and other documentation eliminates misunderstandings as well as future changes. No matter how big or small a change may be, if a client requests it, make certain that these revisions are agreed upon and in writing. If any disagreements arise due to changes, your records can serve as an excellent resource to back you up in the event of a legal dispute.

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