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Certain industries are more vulnerable to workplace-related injuries and health hazards. This is why employers must ensure they have an ongoing plan to meet OSHA-mandated requirements. Meeting OSHA standards and regulations can prove to be difficult without the legal guidance of a seasoned Alabama OSHA attorney.

Helping Employers Achieve Workplace Safety and Compliance

The Alabama OSHA attorneys of Cotney Attorneys & Consultants know that poor workplace safety and noncompliance with OSHA standards can have a negative impact on a company’s operations, including finances and personnel.

An expert Alabama OSHA attorney can help employers achieve optimal workplace safety. Our attorneys have advised countless clients on how to enforce workplace standards, eliminate hazards, conduct safety audits, and create a written hazard communication plan. We educate our clients on OSHA standards and provide guidance with regard to compliance and training programs.

Aggressive OSHA Defense

Employers must respond to OSHA violation claims against them professionally and promptly. With the help of our Alabama OSHA attorneys, you will meet filing deadlines and fight claims with the help of our team. We routinely assist clients during the inspection process, informal hearings, administrative hearings, and appeals. We also assist clients that want to file a Notice of Contest. Should an OSHA issue require litigation, we will create a strong defense strategy for you. No matter the degree of the violation, we fight for a positive outcome.

Our Alabama OSHA Attorneys Will Advocate for You

When your business practices are in question, you need an Alabama OSHA attorney to advocate on your behalf in every phase of the OSHA investigation process. Our goal is to help you meet OSHA requirements so that you can maintain a glowing business reputation. If you have questions regarding the OSHA defense services we can provide you, give us a call to set up a consultation.

If you would like to speak with one of our experienced Alabama OSHA attorneys, please contact us today.

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