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A safe and healthy work environment reduces workplace injuries, and loss of production, and raises employee morale. The purpose of OSHA is to ensure that employers keep their employees healthy and safe by complying with mandated regulations. Additionally, OSHA provides employers with training, outreach, and education to assist in their efforts.
Dealing with the increasing complexities of the workplace coupled with the extensive list of health and safety regulations is not always easy, but our Alabama OSHA defense lawyers are here to help.

Reputable Alabama OSHA Defense Attorneys at Your Service

All employers, especially those in high-hazard industries are subject to OSHA regulations. We help our clients identify and comply with regulations applicable to their industry. We also defend them if they receive a citation or if litigation arises. No matter the issue, we help our clients find the best solution for their circumstances.

Our OSHA defense services include, but are not limited to the following:

Inspections Representation

Involving an Alabama OSHA defense lawyer early on prepares you for the unexpected. Most OSHA inspections are not unannounced, therefore, it is essential that every employer be prepared to handle one in the event an inspector arrives at your place of business. We understand how to deal with OSHA inspectors and provide our clients with the tools necessary to navigate the inspection process, including representing them during the inspection. The more you are prepared for an inspection, the fewer noncompliance issues you will have, lessening your exposure to citations and related penalties.

Violation Defense

Our Alabama OSHA defense lawyers also provide violation defense. If you are issued an OSHA citation as a result of an inspection, contact us immediately. When dealing with citations, you must act quickly. An issued citation is only an allegation. We can help you determine if the citation truly applies and if you have a provable defense against it. We will help you stand up for your rights and contest the citation and penalty by filing a Notice of Intent to Contest.

Employee Retaliation Defense

Once an employee files a safety complaint with OSHA against you, you must guard your business against further damage. There has been an increase in OSHA retaliation claims, and even if these claims are false, they can have a significant impact on your reputation. Our attorneys will ensure that your actions following an employee’s filed complaint are not misconstrued as negative employment actions.

If you would like to speak with an experienced Alabama OSHA defense lawyer, please contact us today.

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