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An Overview Of Building Permits Part 1

Obtaining building permits before beginning a new project is a step taken to ensure public safety and enforcing construction standards for new and existing structures. In Florida, failing to obtain a building permit is illegal and can result in fines or tearing down work that does not meet the licensing law.

As Tampa construction attorneys, we know how important it is to adhere to the laws governing performing construction work. Should you not understand the law regarding obtaining building permits, we are here to help. We discuss owner-builder permits in Part 2.

Construction License Required

In Florida, construction and obtaining permits should be performed by a licensed contractor. Our Tampa construction lawyers know state and local licensing law requirements inside and out. When in doubt, inquire with your local building department before you begin a project. Florida has uniform building codes and although some municipalities may have permit exemptions, work still must meet minimum building codes and ordinances.

What Work Requires a Permit?

Permits are required for any building or floating structure. For a full and complete list, it’s important to visit your local county agency that handles building permits and inspections. Some work does not require a permit. This includes minor structural repairs, faucet repair, removing unprotected trees, or painting. Construction that does require a permit include:

  • New constructions or remodeling projects
  • Demolition work
  • Gas, electrical, and plumbing work
  • New or replacement roof coverings
  • Siding work over 500 square feet
  • Residential driveways over 150 square feet
  • Changing building occupancy
  • Tree removal (protected)


When you are ready to get a permit, you must fill out the appropriate permit application along with plans, if applicable, and pay the required fees associated with your permit to your local building department. The department will review your plans and will approve or reject them. Upon approval, you will pick up your permit and pay remaining fees, if any, from the building department.

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