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An Overview of The Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board

The Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board (“CILB”) controls licensing and regulations for the Florida construction industry. When applying for a construction license, the CILB will meet to consider the application. The CILB also reviews disciplinary cases and conducts informal hearings regarding licensure. As your Sarasota construction attorneys, we know it’s important to be aware of the CILB and how it operates.

1. How Are Members Of The CILB Appointed?

The Governor of Florida appoints all members of the CILB. The Governor also has the ability to remove any members. The major role of a member is to carry out the provisions of Chapter 489 and the regulation of construction licenses in Florida. Members are appointed for 4-year terms and a vacancy on the board would need to be filled for the unexpired portion of the term in the same manner as the original appointment. The CILB consists of 18 members and no member can serve more than two consecutive 4-year terms or more than 11 years on the board.

2. Who Makes Up The CILB?

The 18 members of CILB are made up of:

  • 4 General contractors
  • 3 building contractors or residential contractors. At least one building contractor and one residential contractor shall be appointed
  • 1 roofing contractor
  • 1 sheet metal contractor
  • 1 air-conditioning contractor
  • 1 mechanical contractor
  • 1 pool contractor
  • 1 plumbing contractor
  • 1 underground utility and excavation contractor
  • 2 consumer members who are not, and have never been, members or practitioners of a profession regulated by the board or members of any closely related profession
  • 2 building officials of a municipality or county.

3. How Are Members Eligible?

Each contractor member must be certified by the board to operate as a contractor in their specialization, (i.e. roofing, general contractor, plumbing, etc.). Members must also be active in the construction business for at least 5 years. Members must also be a citizen and resident of the State of Florida.

4. CILB’s Two Divisions

There are two divisions that make up CILB; Division I and Division II. Division I is composed of members that are general contractors, building contractors, and residential contractors. one consumer member and one building official. Members of Division I have jurisdiction over the regulation of general contractors, building contractors, and residential contractors. Division II is made up of members that are roofing contractors, sheet metal contractors, air conditioning contractors, mechanical contractors, pool contractors, plumbing contractors, and underground utility and excavation contractors.

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