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An Overview of Unethical Behavior in Construction Part 3

In this three-part series, our Brandon construction attorneys have discussed everything from unethical practices in part one to minimizing unethical behavior in part two of this series. So, how does a company operate ethically amid increasing competition, labor shortages, and ever-changing regulations, just to name a few. They facilitate and enforce their ethics policies. We will discuss this further in this final section.

Facilitating Ethics Awareness

Facilitating awareness and enforcing ethical practices is a must. In addition to a Code of Ethics, companies can also reduce the occurrence of unethical behavior by providing employees with training and workshops to not only ensure that they are properly trained in their specific job, but to also ensure that company standards, processes, and procedures are understood. Additional emphasis should be place on enforcement of these standards that result in awards or penalties for compliance or lack thereof.

Putting Your Ethics Policies Into Practices

If you want to champion ethics in your business start at the top with the attitudes and practices of the leaders. Next, be sure you are hiring the right people. Do extensive background checks. Next, ensure that employees not only buy into your ethics policies but also that they have a clear understanding of what acts are considered to be unethical. This way, they can be proactive about avoiding such behavior. Have checks and balance system in place where unethical behavior is monitored and reported. Once unethical violations occur, follow through on disciplinary action to drive home your company’s intolerance of unethical behavior.

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Our Brandon construction attorneys have extensive experience litigating construction cases where one party may have acted illegally or unethically against another. We know that much more than your reputation is at stake. Construction professionals should be proactively taking steps to eliminate unethical practices in their businesses to reduce their likelihood of a lawsuit.

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