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Anti-Theft Tracking Devices and Construction Equipment Part 1

Hundreds of millions of dollars in construction equipment are stolen from jobsites every year. Unfortunately, the majority of this equipment is never recovered. If you are a contractor, you need to do your best to protect your site from theft. In this four-part article series, a Florida contractor attorney will discuss several types of anti-theft tracking devices you can integrate into your workplace. Remember, for any of your construction legal needs, contact one of our Florida contractor attorneys.

Start With the Basics

If you are a contractor, you should always take the necessary steps to protect your site. Fencing, signage, and an alarm system are all great ways to start this process. If you have a bigger budget, you may want to consider hiring a private security company to monitor your site when you and your workers leave. However, even with the right security measures in place, there’s always a chance your jobsite can be targeted by criminals. Of course, when equipment is stolen, your insurance premiums will rise as productivity declines and deadlines are missed.

Ways You Can Deter Thieves

It’s important to not only focus on the security measures of the site but to also consider each piece of equipment located on the site. Here are some basic ways you can help prevent your most valuable equipment from being stolen:

  • Lock all cab doors
  • Don’t use a one-key-fits-all system
  • Remove wheels or utilize wheel locks
  • Remove batteries or activate battery switches
  • Remove the circuit breaker to equipment not in regular use
  • Store equipment inside a locked structure
  • Park equipment in a way that deters access
  • Transport equipment off site over weekends

Although performing these tasks will not guarantee that your equipment isn’t targeted by thieves, it will certainly deter the majority of them. If your equipment is stolen, you will want an anti-theft tracking system in place to pinpoint your machinery’s exact location. As we will discuss throughout this series, contractors can utilize geo-fencing, RFID tracking, and GPS tracking, among other technologies.

For more information about anti-theft tracking technology in the construction industry, please read sections two, three, and four.

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