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Are Self-Driving Cars a Threat to Construction Zones? – Part 1 featured image

Are Self-Driving Cars a Threat to Construction Zones? – Part 1

Self-driving cars will soon be incorporated into several transportation mediums that we will all depend on in our daily lives. With this new and exciting technology, this leaves many of us, including Fort Lauderdale construction attorneys, to wonder what happens to the always vulnerable construction zones? In this two-part article, we will cover the problems tech companies face with the unpredictable nature of construction zones and, in section two, we will focus on their plan-of-action to remedy this dilemma.

The Problem with Construction Zones

There are a lot of issues that impede tech companies from being able to properly implement roadside construction areas into their navigation systems. For starters, construction zones are generally untidy areas until completion. In other words, roadside construction work is typically performed on a case-by-case basis meaning there is little knowledge known to the public about the work or the timetable it will be completed by. The construction companies and the workers are often the only people truly informed on what is occurring at the location at any given time.

The Problem with the Coding

Along with the unconventionality of construction zone maintenance, there is no reliable database that features every construction zone or its latitude. Without a universal database, tech companies at the forefront of the robo-ride revolution cannot rely on their standard, static coding approach for coordinating an autonomous ride’s navigation around these hazardous landscapes. For example, as motorists, we simply obey basic signage and barricades to avoid potential hazards. These signs or barricades that say “slow” or “stop” assist us with avoiding the obstacle, but fail to truly distinguish the potential problem. Autonomous vehicles cannot rely on such a temporary sign to change its co-ordinance.

These two issues regarding the dynamic nature of construction zones and the lack of a universal database to locate them has left tech companies struggling to find a practical solution. As Fort Lauderdale construction attorneys we want our roadways safe for workers and motorists.

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