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Are You All in Safety?

Challenge your employees on safety matters to get more buy-in. Effective health and safety programs tap into your workers’ collective knowledge, insight and experience to solve challenging issues.

Devise a safety activity that helps build employee buy-in. For example, consider an employee recognition program.

Engage your entire team in a social experience to promote safety on the job. Creating a more inclusive culture also helps, as does investing in an HR solution your workforce will adopt and use frequently.

Recognizing employees for what they do right, as in following safety protocols, increases engagement drives higher productivity and improves employee retention rate.

Uncover actionable insights around organizational culture, diversity, performance and equity. Recognizing your humans can be rewarding for the entire company.

Employee Incentive Programs

If you want to foster productivity and happiness in your workplace, consider starting an incentive program. It can improve your revenue and show employees that you appreciate their dedication and hard work.

Increase Motivation

There are all types of incentive programs, but pretty much all of them increase motivation, whether it comes in the form of a raise, a bonus or a one-time reward.

Workers become motivated to achieve the objectives you outline, in this case, for safety. Give them guidelines to follow and a way to report their good works.

Enhance Productivity

Company morale improves when employees come to work knowing they can earn a reward. It also teaches them the importance of setting and respecting goals and keeps them focused on the objective, which may be going all year accident-free. What if you gave all employees a $1 raise for that?

Everyone is more likely to focus on the goal if they know the result will be rewarding.


Give employees a new reason to be loyal to your company. While some might view incentive programs as expensive, think of the money saved by having employee loyalty. It is a lot less expensive than starting from scratch with a new employee.

You are likely to see a decrease in absenteeism and worker turnover. Both equal cost savings for your company.

Culture of Safety

Build a culture of safety by devising an employee incentive program. It is a powerful way to communicate the importance

of following all safety guidelines, which keep your business’s reputation safe, your employees safe and your worksites safe.

Reduce accidents and create a safer work environment.

Add More Training

Consider adding more safety compliance training for your workforce. That may be short sessions to review safety guidelines or interactive training where employees demonstrate safe ways of conducting business with each other.

Combining an incentive program with better safety training and employee recognition can be a massive win for your company. Consider your options, look at various programs and decide what is best and most motivating for your employees.

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