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Are You Keeping an Eye Out for Safety?

In the blink of an eye, a safe jobsite can become dangerous. When accidents occur on the jobsite, workers’ lives are put in danger, citations are issued, and contractors will require the services of a Jacksonville construction attorney. Although there are many traditional ways that the construction industry can mitigate safety risks including providing training courses, issuing written manuals, and wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), there are also a great deal of groundbreaking technologies that can be utilized to help minimize risk.

Eye tracking glasses are one of the newest innovations that can help workers avoid the dangers found on jobsites. In this brief article, a Jacksonville construction lawyer will discuss how eye tracking technology can save more lives by decreasing the chances of an accident occurring in the workplace.  

Introducing Eye Tracking Technology

Safety at the jobsite is often taken on with a reactive approach. As a result, many contractors fail to correct issues until it’s too late. In order to prevent accidents, firms must first identify the potential risks. Eye tracking is a critical component to safety, productivity, and assessing the overall level of concentration of a worker. When a worker is performing tasks in their workstation, eye tracking can help determine where the worker is focusing their attention. This technology is the practice of providing a worker with eye tracking glasses that follow their eye movement and the period of time they fixate on certain items while performing their work responsibilities.

The Benefits of Eye Tracking Technology

The visual data collected when a worker wears eye tracking glasses can be observed by the worker’s supervisor in real time. The information compiled from this eye tracking session can help determine the worker’s situational awareness, productivity, and focus when performing their work. It can even help determine whether or not the worker is following safety procedures.

Along with evaluating how the worker is performing tasks from their first-hand perspective, this information can also be greatly beneficial for training exercises that introduce new workers to complicated tasks. By observing the performance of the task through the eyes of experienced professionals, new workers gain insight into how to successfully take on and complete the task. This visual guide goes well beyond a standard written guideline.  

The Future of Workplace Safety

By simplifying training processes, mitigating distractions, identifying hidden hazards, and improving situational awareness, eye tracking technology has many amazing benefits. Discovering ways to recognize visual patterns associated with accidents can reduce the likelihood of these incidents occurring while also determining the best methods to utilize on the jobsite for a variety of roles. Whether it’s eye tracking technology, other wearables, or virtual reality, new technologies will be instrumental in advancing the construction industry.

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