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Are You Utilizing the Right Software Systems to Improve Your Construction Business Operations? Part 2

Whether you own a small construction business, a midsized one, or a huge firm, if you can simplify your process, you can effectively grow your business and enjoy more profitability. For example, for any of your employment legal needs, our Jacksonville construction lawyers can assist you. This includes drafting and revising all of your contracts, assessing your company records and business practices, and ensuring you are compliant with the law.

Although it’s always important to partner with a reliable legal professional, depending on the size of your business, there are many other resources you should invest in as well. In this two-part article, we are discussing why construction firms should utilize a software program to enhance various areas of their business. In the first part, our Jacksonville construction lawyers covered streamlining your project management capabilities. In this part, we will cover effectively developing a bid management system, improving the design aspects of your projects, and tracking your budget.

2) Bid Management

Although Jacksonville construction attorneys can navigate a contractor through every phase of the bid process, including a bid protest, some software applications, like Quickmeasure OnScreen, allow a construction firm to generate estimate amounts off of their blueprints. What’s even more impressive is that this platform can then transfer this valuable data over to other software applications.  

3) Design

As technology reaches new heights, design software systems will have a monumental impact on the future of construction and design. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional design plans have quickly evolved with computer-aided design (CAD) and building information modeling (BIM) technologies. These systems have revolutionized the industry and can often be directly imported from one application into another to make a truly exceptional looking and accurate blueprint.

4) Accounting

There are a variety of reasons why construction firms need a reliable accounting system in place. Not only is this recordkeeping system critical to managing costs and your cash flow, but it’s also a necessary evil to ensure compliance with labor laws. Employers are legally obligated to track their workforce’s time, labor costs, among other budgetary items. If an employer fails to have a foolproof recordkeeping system in place for their company documents or their payroll records, this will become a serious issue during a Department of Labor (DOL) investigation.    

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