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Asheville Bid Protest Attorney

Whether it’s projects valued at millions of dollars or much less, there’s incredible value in construction businesses partnering with a construction law firm to procure federal, state, and Asheville government construction contracts. If you are interested in learning more about placing effective bids on projects for government agencies, contact an Asheville bid protest attorney today.

Asheville Government Construction Contracts

If you haven’t worked on government contracts in the past, procuring a project on your own can be extremely challenging. In fact, the vast majority of construction companies fail to win numerous bids before they are selected. The bid process requires a lot of trial and error, plus there’s a lot of underlying politics at play. At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, we navigate clients through this process and ensure that they are placing effective bids that are in compliance with the strict guidelines provided by government selection committees.

Bid Application Pitfalls

Because all of our attorneys have a unique background in construction, an Asheville bid protest lawyer can help you create competitive bids on projects. We not only ensure your bid qualifies with a competitive offer, but we can also help you avoid many of the bid application pitfalls including:

  • Qualifying Formal Bids: From accurate price points to making certain that every meticulous detail is provided, our law firm is experienced in submitting effective bids.
  • Targeting Projects: We can evaluate your business and past projects and align your strengths with prospective contracts. We can also find great opportunities for you to perform subcontracting work, giving you experience on government projects that allow you to develop relationships with government agencies.
  • Attractive Bids: Even without previous government work, we know how to feature your strengths in the bid package. We can make your bid stand out to government agencies by highlighting similar projects you have worked on in the past or groundbreaking innovations your company is utilizing.
  • Bid Protests: Even if your bid isn’t considered “the lowest responsible bidder” by state laws, we can challenge a winning bid on your behalf. We also have experience defending our client’s bid against protestors.

Transportation Construction

If you are interested in working as a general contractor or subcontractor on government transportation projects (highways, airports, etc.), you must be prequalified by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). There are millions of dollars in transportation construction contracts annually, and an Asheville NCDOT contracts attorney can assist you with pre-qualifying to work on these projects, placing effective bids, and negotiating and drafting contracts with the performance bonds required before you begin work.

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