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Attracting and Retaining Vets

The construction industry’s labor shortage endemic is pushing contractors to their limit. With a dwindling skilled labor pool, it’s imperative that the construction industry focus on the sources of labor that have made a successful transition into the construction industry in the past, namely, our military veterans.

Veterans possess the skills, work ethic, and physical prowess to succeed as construction professionals on all levels, but attracting and retaining veterans is harder than ever before with other industries vying for these skilled workers. In this article, the Tallahassee construction lawyers at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants will discuss a few ways that authoritative figures in the construction industry can attract and retain veterans.

Emphasize Education and Training Opportunities

While veterans adopt an array of helpful skills during their service, there are only a limited number of occupations that allow a one-to-one transfer of skills. Veterans are cognizant of this and know that they’ll need to continue to learn and grow in order to succeed. Unfortunately, many industries don’t offer the type of education and training opportunities that will put veterans on the path to success, but the construction industry can eschew this trend by helping them cultivate new skills and build a new career.

Explain the Benefits of Working in the Construction Industry

Construction companies can attract veterans by openly publicizing the benefits packages they can receive by entering the industry. Veterans are accustomed to high-risk jobs, so it’s unsurprising that they value access to benefits such as healthcare and 401K plans. By showcasing the benefits packages you offer, you can attract these valuable workers.

Showcase the Work-Life Balance Afforded by Construction Jobs

When veterans are just returning from their service, they must adapt to a new set of rules and a different way of life. They already dedicated a significant portion of their lives to bravely serving our country, and since military work often takes veterans away from the people and places they know, it can feel like you’re never truly off the clock. Fortunately, a profession in construction affords veterans the opportunity to spend time with family, enjoy their favorite activities, and take vacations without the constraints of overseas military service. This is something nearly all veterans wish to take advantage of, especially after an extended service, so contractors should impress the work-life balance that can be achieved when working in the construction industry.

Collaborate with Organizations that Support Veterans

If contractors want to find common ground with veterans, they need to collaborate with organizations that have already made considerable headway in this endeavor. There are many trusted organizations that offer assistance to veterans by connecting them with jobs in the construction industry. Hiring Our Heroes, Helmets to Hardhats, and Hardhat Heroes are three examples of organizations that assist veterans with job procurement in the construction industry.

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