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Avoid Direct Costs Resulting From Workplace Incidents

Taking a proactive approach to safety on the worksite will help to avoid unwanted safety incidents and associated direct costs. Our experienced Birmingham construction lawyers have found that businesses with a proactive approach to safety tend to experience fewer injury claims, compensation payments, medical expenses, and costs for legal services.

Value Communication and Collaboration

Surprisingly enough, one of the best ways to reduce worksite injury or illness is to simply talk. Communication is key to the success of any project or relationship. The construction industry has a plethora of moving parts and players that must work in coordination towards a common goal. If collaboration is lacking, you can expect to need a Birmingham construction lawyer to guide you through an injury claim in the near future.

Implement and Maintain Recommended Practices

Have a plan and stick to it. Prepare for worksite success by developing and following safety best practices always. Make sure to include safety training when onboarding new employees and remember to provide continuing safety education to existing employees.

Identify and Solve Issues

Worksite injury claims have the tendency of leading to medical expenses and may leave you running to a Birmingham construction lawyer. Take the time to identify and solve potential safety issues before they become more serious. Schedule and conduct site audits to assess your construction equipment, employees, and work environments to ensure safety compliance.

Conduct Outside Inspections

Sometimes the honest truth has to come from an outsider. Make sure your worksite is safe and procedures are really being followed by hiring a third party company to conduct random and regular inspections. A failed safety inspection will allow you to adjust practices prior to needing a Birmingham construction lawyer.

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