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Avoiding Draw Request Disputes With Your Lender Part 1 featured image

Avoiding Draw Request Disputes With Your Lender Part 1

Our Orlando construction lawyers believe that the average contractor is quite familiar with the potential disputes that could arise during any given construction project. One of the areas contractors could experience a dispute in is with the financial institution that is backing their construction loan. This could be concerning misleading loan agreements or loan repayment options. This could also be regarding the draw process, which is an often overlooked aspect of construction lending. Read on to learn about the potential risks associated with draw requests. Read part two for ways you can avoid a draw request dispute.

What is a Draw Request Dispute?

Large construction projects require the backing of financial institutions. When accepting a formal agreement from a lender, it’s important that you understand the terms. A stipulation of the loan is that funds will not be disbursed in their entirety, rather, the funds will be released at predetermined stages of the project. This limits the financial institution’s risk. There are times when a draw request dispute may arise which will expose contractors to several risks.

Draw request disputes can be an expensive hindrance for contractors. This is why construction lending requires a high degree of diligence to lessen the following risks:


Construction projects are time sensitive. A draw request dispute will only push back the project timeline further.

Extra Costs

Draw disputes also lead to the contractor owing more interest on the loan even when in dispute.

Labor Loss

In the midst a draw dispute, funds are not disbursed to laborers who will then stop working on the project.

Remobilization Costs

A draw request dispute halts the progress of the project which only leads to more costs due to remobilization of the project.

Project Termination

A worst case scenario is losing the loan altogether. The contractor will then have to find a new lender to fund the project.

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