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Be Aware of Indirect Costs Associated With Worksite Injuries

As a general rule of thumb in the construction industry, worksite incidents are best avoided. Employee injuries and illnesses from worksite hazards have a snowball effect with respect to costs—especially indirect costs such as replacement training, incident investigation, and lost productivity. It may be wise to seek the advice of our Birmingham contractor attorneys  if you have already experienced a worksite incident.

Training Replacement Employees

It can be expensive to train new employees, let alone train replacement workers to fill in for injured staff. This indirect cost can get complex as you will have to recruit, interview, and screen potential applicants prior to hiring your stand-in staff. Once hired, further process, safety, and compliance training can begin. Take into consideration that you may have to assess and evaluate those replacement workers along the way to ensure things are running smoothly—which only adds to costs you hadn’t accounted for when Jane turned in that personal injury claim last week that accuses your company of a negligent act.

Accident Investigation

Worker’s compensation claims will inherently lead to an accident investigation from a designated claims adjuster. Our Birmingham contractor attorneys suggest conducting your own internal investigation regarding the reported injury. It is important to evaluate the details of the circumstance for immediate process analyses and optimization. Accident investigation may require a temporary or longer-term shutdown of equipment, leading to productivity and profit loss.

Implementation of Corrective Measures

If possible schedule routine worksite inspections to help ensure worker safety and minimize the need for a Birmingham contractor attorney. In the event that an accident does occur, it is best to swiftly take necessary corrective measures to rectify the situation.

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