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Benefits of a Digital Document Control System Part 1 featured image

Benefits of a Digital Document Control System Part 1

For an industry that is as physical as the construction industry, there is a ton of paperwork. Historically, that’s been a part of doing business. Whether it’s a contract, design plans, change orders, or bank draws, it’s not official unless it’s in writing. This can create a myriad of issues. Items get lost. It takes a long time to correct documents. Collaboration is cumbersome. To generate the efficiency needed to keep projects moving, new solutions were needed.

Document control systems are not a new concept. However, digitizing documents and the system as a whole is. Much of the paper world is going digital and paperwork-heavy industries such as construction are being transformed. Contracts, financial documents, daily reports, and a host of other work-related documents are going digital.

If you are still on a paper system, consider the following benefits of going to a digital document control system:

Speeding Up Approval by Speeding Up Access

Digital document control systems allow for collaboration on design documents, project plans, and contracts, among other items. Since the documents can be accessed in real time, discussion and changes can happen at a much faster pace. Also, you are now able to see who accessed documents at any given time, which holds members of a group accountable for any changes. This can come in handy if a dispute arises and you need the help of a Orlando construction lawyer.

Reduce Storage Space

Let’s face it, paperwork takes up a lot of space. As a company grows, this paper has to go somewhere. It’s not uncommon for companies to rent storage facilities to maintain archival paperwork. However, years of information can housed digitally at a fraction of the cost . All of this information can be accessed using keywords, which makes search for documents faster as well.

Save Money on Printing

In tandem with reducing storage space, a digital document control system can save money on printing. Contracts are extensive and require a great deal of printing. Project plans are also long. When you are printing these and other documents over and over, the price begins to add up. Digital documents completely eliminate this cost. Also, it’s easier to employ a system for organizing documents because the exist on cloud or hard drive storage and can be accessed via the device of your choice.

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