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Benefits of a Digital Document Control System Part 2 featured image

Benefits of a Digital Document Control System Part 2

As all of us in this industry knows, there’s a great deal of paperwork involved in construction. While many people detest this fact, paperwork is important. Contract, project plans, and blueprints are essential to construction projects. Daily reports are a fundamental project management tool. However, the sure volume of paperwork in the construction industry can be overwhelming and difficult to control. If it’s difficult to control, it’s hard to derive a benefit from it.

That’s why the emergence of digital document control systems is so important. As we mentioned in part one of this series, digital document control systems can save money on document storage, allow for seamless collaboration, and eliminate printing costs. Here are a few more benefits to consider when examining digital document control system solutions.

Digital Financial Documentation

The financial side of the construction industry has always been subject to document control systems. Taking it digital makes it that much easier to manage financial statements, checks, and receipts. This makes budgeting and tracking spending dramatically easier and more accurate.

Reducing the Time it Takes to Find Information

We’ve all been through it. The feverish search through a stack of papers for an important document. This is all but eliminated when document systems go digital. For instance, if you need to pass a contract on to your Tallahassee construction lawyer for review, you can search a keyword in the contract and it will almost immediately pop up.

Anytime Access to Documentation

One of the greatest benefits of a digital document control system is access. We all know that the construction business doesn’t happen solely on the jobsite. With a digital system, you can access documents anywhere as long as you have the proper device and a WiFi, data, or hard line connection. This benefit greatly enhances the ability to collaborate and ensures that all parties involved in the construction process (contractors, owners, architects, and engineers) are properly represented.

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