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Benefits of Construction Management Software

While the ease of use and increase efficiency of construction management software is tantalizing to some, there are still a number of contractors that are not onboard. A recent study by Capterra and Procore Technologies, notes that only 52 percent of their respondents currently use construction management software. The construction industry is often slow to technical adaptation, but the boost that construction management software can give to companies, especially small ones, is undeniable.

That’s why our Orlando construction lawyers are listing the most prominent benefits of construction management software in this informative guide. For more benefits, visit the second part of this series.

More Accurate Project Analysis

One of the great benefits of project management software for the construction industry is its ability to collect data. Information on every aspect of the construction process can be compiled, including material usage, subcontractor productivity and budget, among many other items. This information can give you the most accurate picture of a construction project. It can allow you to make adjustments on the fly to keep projects on schedule and can make future projects more efficient.

Document Control

Construction is a paperwork-heavy industry, which is problematic when considering the ease for which paperwork can get lost on a jobsite. A construction management software solution can convert all documents into a digital format and organize them into easily attainable categories. Information becomes vastly easier to find. Also, documents like change orders and daily reports can be produced quickly and include photos and videos.

Information Sharing

With documents like punch lists going digital, they become much easier to share. Also, collaboration becomes faster and easier. Creating and reviewing project plans becomes more efficient as does sharing important documents through the course of the project. This makes communication better and, ultimately, makes the project better.

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