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Benefits Of Hiring An Attorney For Your Bid Protest featured image

Benefits Of Hiring An Attorney For Your Bid Protest


If a contract has been awarded on a proposal for which you have submitted a bid, and you believe the contract was awarded unfairly or unjustly, you may be considering a bid protest. It is common for construction companies to protest a bid that they think was unfairly given to another bidder. You might be wondering what your next step should be in the process of protesting a bid.

Though you don’t need to hire an attorney to protest a bid, it is recommended. Hiring a local Jacksonville contractor lawyer can save you time and effort during the process of protesting a bid. A highly trained bid protest lawyer has plenty of experience protesting bids, and will know the ins and outs. Your attorney will have a firm grasp on the rules of protesting a bid, how to fill out all the paperwork, and the dates and deadlines for your bid protest. Having worked on multiple bid protest cases, an attorney will know how many days you have to submit forms, where to send them to, what needs to be included, and more. Having a contractor lawyer in Jacksonville on your side may help you to present a stronger case.

Another added benefit of hiring a contract attorney in Jacksonville is for their help with the Protective Order. A Protective Order prevents the confidential or proprietary information of one bidder from being disclosed with another bidder. Only legal counsel will have access to the Protective Order to see all the information produced. Your attorney can also make comments on the Agency Report, another report that responds to the protest allegations and includes documents about the award decision that you do not have access to, and argue that those documents support your case. This could help to establish the fact that there was an error made while choosing the lowest bidder.

A Jacksonville contractor attorney can assist you and help make sure that you are fully protected while protesting a bid, and that you don’t miss any crucial steps in the process.

At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants we have represented numerous clients during many bid protests.

If you are looking for a trusted, and highly experienced bid protest lawyer in Tampa to handle your case, please contact us today.

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