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Best Hiring Practices for the Construction Industry Part 1

A quick stroll through any downtown area or a glance at popular construction news websites like Construction Dive will make one thing abundantly clear. The construction industry is growing rapidly. Recent data from the U.S. Commerce Department indicates that construction spending sits at around $1.2 trillion. This means that there is a lot of business out there. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for skilled workers. As mentioned before in previous articles, we are in the midst of a significant labor shortage. Statistics show that nearly 75 percent of all construction firms are having difficulties filling positions. The competition is fierce for available workers.

In this series, we will examine some of the best practices we’ve seen construction companies use to hire new employees.

Use All Methods For Finding the Right Candidate

When you need someone hired yesterday, it’s easy to use your “go to” resources for finding employees. However, you are doing your company an injustice by doing that. Along with referrals, look at social media, industry websites, tech schools, and job fairs, among other places. Also, it’s important to recognize that millennials largely use technology to gain information. So a heavy presence on social media is critical for tapping into that audience.

Learn How to Interview

Once again, the desperate need to hire someone quickly leads us to cut corners. If you are looking to hire the best people for the long haul, it’s critical to learn how to interview well. This means gaining pertinent information from candidates. It also means not leading them to an answer. The interviewing process should also be unbiased and compliant. If you have questions about ensuring a fair interview process, a Boca Raton construction lawyer can help.

Build Your Company’s Brand

As we mentioned in our introduction, competition for good workers is fierce. Your company needs to stand out above others. Part of that is being the type of company that people want to work for. In marketing your company and job openings, show the culture of the organization. Also show the types of projects that your company completes. When it comes down to it, candidates want to work for a place where they are valued, that’s filled with good people, and where they can perform exciting work, along with being fairly compensated.

For more tips, visit part two of this series.

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