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Best Hiring Practices for the Construction Industry Part 2

Many construction companies are caught between the intense desire of businesses, governments, and individuals to build new structures and a massive labor shortage. There are just not enough skilled workers to go around. Unfortunately, that means projects don’t get done and money is left on the table. To keep your business afloat, you need to stand apart from competing companies when it comes to hiring and retaining skilled workers.

Our Nashville construction lawyers constantly observe the best practices of companies throughout our industry. One thing that separates successful companies from others is their processes for hiring employees. In the first part of this series, we touched on a few of those practices. We offer a few more best practices below.

Check References

Simple advice, but critical to finding the right hires. Checking references helps you understand a candidate’s ability to do the job and his or her relationship with management and other workers. It’s easy to pass over this step in the rush to fill positions, but time is wasted when you have to fire an unqualified employee.

Hire During the Offseason

The best time to hire new employees is when you don’t desperately need them. If you hire an employee before the start of the project, you are likely to cut corners or be less selective. This will ultimately lead you to make a bad hire. Hiring during the offseason allows you to be more selective and get ahead of companies that are waiting until they need someone.

Provide a Career Path

This advice is especially important if you are tapping into the millennial market. One of the stigmas of the construction industry is that there’s little advancement and that you will make a career of doing dirty work. Young candidates need to know that you can build a strong career in the construction industry and move up the leadership ladder as you would in any industry. They also need to know that they will compensated well every step of the way.

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