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Bid Mistakes Are Cause For Bid Protests

When contractors and construction firms bid on local, state, or federal government projects, there are many reasons why they won’t be chosen as the lowest bidder and awarded the contract. However, if one of those reasons is that a mistake was made during the bidding process, the firm has the right to protest the bid. As Clearwater construction lawyers, we know how important it is for contractors and firms to check that no mistakes were made by the selection committee during the bidding process.

In this article, we will be discussing what bid mistakes contractors and firms should look for before deciding to protest a bid.

Bid Mistakes to Look Out for In Bid Application

If a firm or contractor believe that they have unfairly lost out on a bid award, before protesting it, they must be able to prove that a mistake was made in the bid application or during the scoring. As Clearwater construction attorneys, we know that there should be no inconsistencies present during the solicitation period, on the bid application, or during the scoring. With local, state, or federal construction bids, every single bidder must be give the exact same information. No variations of information should occur at any time during the bidding process. Additionally, it’s every bidder’s responsibility to provide the selection committee with the correct information. Below are a few examples of common bid mistakes to look out for:

  • Math done incorrectly by either the bidder or the selection committee
  • The wrong scope of work is provided
  • Parts of the application are missing
  • Any other intentional/unintentional errors

Any one of these bid mistakes in the solicitation period or bid application will alter the fair evaluation of the bid, and if a contractor or firm discover any of these errors, they have the right to consult their lawyers and protest the winning bidder.

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