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Birmingham Construction Dispute Attorney

Cotney Construction Law is a law firm that specializes in legal matters within the construction industry. We have over 15 years of experience in the construction industry and provide our clients with unmatched service and attention to detail. We are especially adept at representing clients in construction disputes. Our industry knowledge and tireless work ethic help us devise strategies that provide the optimum solutions for clients.

Why Work With A Birmingham Construction Dispute Attorney?

When a dispute arises on a construction project a solution is needed immediately. The longer the issue lingers the more money and time is lost. In this matter, you need an attorney that understands the complex nature of the construction industry to ensure that your interests are protected. A Birmingham construction dispute lawyer understands the various types of claims and can devise a comprehensive defense against them.

There are three primary methods for resolving disputes within the construction industry: mediation, arbitration, and litigation.


Mediation is the most amicable of the options for settling a dispute. With mediation, both parties meet before a mediator that facilitates a discussion about their differences. The mediator then makes a recommendation in regards to the best way to settle the conflict. A memorandum of understanding is signed by both parties to hold them accountable to the decision made in mediation.


In arbitration, the conflicting parties meet before an arbitrator or a panel of peers, who hears both arguments and makes a legally binding decision. Arbitration is less expensive than litigation, while yielding a definitive decision.


Certain matters are best decided via litigation. If one party feels the other has breached a contract, if they can’t agree on a specific issue, or if one party refuses alternative dispute resolution, litigation is your only recourse.

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