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Why Work With A Birmingham Construction Law Firm?

If you work in the construction industry, you understand the complexities involved in day-to-day business. You also understand the financial ramifications involved with any dispute. If your construction company is involved in a dispute involving a claim, licensure, or a client, a positive resolution is paramount. It’s too important to take a chance with representation that doesn’t fully understand construction law.

The attorneys at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants focus primarily on Birmingham construction law. With over 15 years of experience, we understand the nuances of the construction industry. We have the technical expertise to understand what’s happening on the job site, along with a keen understanding of the regulations and standards that impact this industry. We also stay abreast of new developments in the construction industry and utilize best practices to protect the rights of our clients.

Contract Draft and Review

One of the most important jobs that we do for our clients is draft and review their contracts. Contracts are important in any business. However, in construction, contracts are vital because they must account for every detail determining how contractors are compensated and how work is done. Contracts must also allocate risk in the event of unexpected delays. When it comes to this critical document, it makes sense to trust a Birmingham construction law firm that has a great amount of experience in this area.

Dispute Resolution

Disputes happen on the construction site. Whether it’s non-payment or changes in the scope of work, it’s important to make sure that your interests are protected. Our construction lawyers have a great deal of experience in all forms of dispute resolution. We also help you determine the best course of action. So if your dispute can only be settled via litigation, we will thoroughly prepare your case. We can also help you in matters involving mediation and arbitration.

Dealing With Claims

Claims are an unfortunate part of the construction industry. It’s an area in which you need to be protected. Whether you are filing a claim or defending yourself from a claim, we can guide you through the process and work for a positive outcome. Our legal experts have experience dealing with a variety of claims, including delay, disruption, and defects.

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