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Birmingham License Defense Attorney

The Alabama Licensing for General Contractors Board preserves the integrity of the construction industry by regulating and licensing contractors in major industrial and commercial classifications. The board has a special focus on investigating unlicensed contractors and preventing them from conducting business. If, through formal investigation, the board feels that a contractor has performed work without a license or has hired a subcontractor who performed work without a license, the contractor may be subject to a fine between $500-5000.00 and/or the potential revocation of their license.

The Importance of Hiring A Birmingham License Defense Attorney

For contractors, losing their license is a serious matter that could threaten their livelihood. If the Alabama Licensing for General Contractors Board feels that they have reason to investigate your company for using unlicensed contractors, they will fervently do so. It’s your responsibility to protect your interest by seeking representation that’s equally aggressive. Selecting a Birmingham license defense lawyer is your best choice.

At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, our legal experts have helped countless clients solve licensing issues. We assess your case to determine the best course of action. If it is advisable to fight the claim, we will utilize our resources to attain a positive outcome. Even if it is not advisable to fight the claim, we will work to seek a smaller sanction.

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