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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides guidelines for protecting employees from potential hazards in the workplace. The rules they put in place cover a myriad of areas, including construction sites, manufacturing plants, and industrial settings. They also conduct inspections to ensure compliance with their regulations. Passing an inspection is vital to your business. An OSHA citation comes with a heavy fine and can potentially damage the reputation of your company. If you are facing an OSHA inspection or have been cited by OSHA, it’s highly advisable that you contact a Birmingham OSHA defense lawyer as soon as possible.

What Can a Birmingham OSHA Defense Attorney Do For You?

At Cotney Construction Law, we have a great deal of experience helping clients both prepare for OSHA inspections and defend themselves against an OSHA citation. We stay abreast of additions and changes to OSHA regulations and provide guidance to clients to help them stay in compliance. We also work with clients to determine if the should challenge an OSHA citation or not. If they choose to challenge the OSHA citation, we will utilize our resources to provide the best defense possible.

How to Challenge an OSHA Citation

It’s critical to act quickly when challenging an OSHA violation. A Birmingham OSHA defense lawyer can help in this matter.

Request an Informal Conference: When you receive a citation, request this meeting as soon as possible. Your OSHA inspector can give you a detailed explanation of the violation.

Ask for Proof: It’s your right to ask your OSHA inspector for proof of the violation. This request will not only test the validity of the citation but also give your OSHA lawyer a chance to build a case.

Submit a Notice to Contest: This must be submitted within 15 days of the citation.

Post Violations: OSHA requires cited companies to post information about the citation at the location where it occurred for three days.

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