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The Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR)

The DBPR is the agency tasked with business licensing throughout the state of Florida. According to the Construction Industry Licensing Board (CILB), anyone that participates in the constructing of a building or structure, making structural alterations to load bearing walls, or performing plumbing or air conditioning work must have a state contractors’ license.

What Constitutes a Violation?

According to Florida Statutes Section 489.127, license violations include:

  • Falsifying yourself or business as licensed, certified, or registered
  • Impersonating a certificate holder or registrant
  • Using another person’s license as your own
  • Giving false evidence to the CILB
  • Using a previously suspended or revoked license
  • Engaging or advertising as a business without a license
  • Operating a business without a qualifying agent
  • Performing work without a required building permit

Repercussions of Unlicensed Activity

The DBPR takes contractor licensing seriously and will employ a range of tactics such as site sweeps, sting operations, commercial checkpoints, and even reviewing construction business advertisements to prevent and stop unlicensed activity. Unlicensed activity brings with it citations, disciplinary actions, and penalties for those operating a business without a license. If a violation is assessed, the contractor must act in accordance with the administrative procedures of the DBPR. Permanent license revocation is possible when a contractor fails to make corrections to a jobsite where willful or habitual behavior has been discovered.

Work With a Boca Raton License Defense Lawyer

We respond to the DBPR and argue before the CILB on the behalf of contractors and will defend you against allegations such as improper licensure, misallocation of funds, and license renting. If a license has been revoked, a Boca Raton license defense attorney can also submit an appeal on your behalf.

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