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Bottlenecks: Achieving Productivity and Completing Your Projects On Time Part 1 featured image

Bottlenecks: Achieving Productivity and Completing Your Projects On Time Part 1

The project has begun and the crew is working at a steady pace to accomplish project deadlines, but somewhere between the flow of materials and machine operations you have hit a setback. The project isn’t moving along as efficiently as before and certain elements of the project are stealing more time than the project can sustain.

Our Orlando construction lawyers have seen some unfavorable consequences as a result of delays and unnecessary use of time during projects. In this article, we will share information with you to help you stay productive so you can complete your projects by deadline. To read the rest of this article, head over to part two.

What is a Bottleneck?

Construction is rarely a smooth road. Even with your best intentions, it is possible to experience some drawbacks. These setbacks are bottlenecks, which are sure to hinder your bottom line if not mitigated properly. Bottlenecks are obstacles that affect the performance or capacity of an entire system. We will give a few examples of how bottlenecks occur below:

  • Steps in a process happen much faster than the next steps can be accomplished.
  • Specific tasks are not assigned to the proper people (or have not been assigned at all).
  • A key person does not give the required approvals in a reasonable manner of time.
  • Another party misses their deadlines which hinders the progress of others.

Hindrances to Workflow

Bottlenecks slow down workflow by affecting equipment, tools, space, and workers. Decreases in productivity can lead to costly delays. Mitigating disputes with the help of an Orlando construction lawyer is critical for preventing bottlenecks from derailing projects. Key areas that are commonly affected include:

  • Manpower: The construction industry is ripe with labor shortages, which has a direct impact on project completion. The fewer workers you have, the more your costs will rise which can directly affect your budget and extend your timelines.
  • Space: Limited space at a construction site will slow down your operations. With safety being a concern, cramming workers and machinery in limited space can be an OSHA citation waiting to happen. Before you begin your work, be sure that you can accommodate your people and equipment.
  • Tools and machinery: Waiting equipment is a prevalent problem on construction sites. The time workers spend waiting on tools or materials will increase costs and productivity will decline. Be sure that you plan for adequate resources to meet these demands.

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