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OSHA Defense

When faced with an OSHA violation, the first step should be to contact a Brandon construction lawyer, who can represent your company through filing a “Notice of Intent to Contest” or in an informal conference to discuss the details of the citations or work out a settlement agreement with the local area OSHA director. Trent Cotney is a respected leader in the construction community when it comes to OSHA procedures and defense, and has conducted national lectures on OSHA’s process and proactive tips for construction professionals.

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License Defense

If a license dispute arises, because of alleged abandonment of a project, improper licensure, fraud, or a number of other variables, your business could be faced with fines, criminal charges, jail time, or even the revocation of your professional license. To avoid these penalties, you must enlist the representation of a construction lawyer, who can defend your business at the state or local level with the Department of Business Professional Regulation and the Construction Industry Licensing Board.

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Construction Litigation and Arbitration

Well versed in Florida construction law, the Brandon construction lawyers at Cotney Construction Law have successfully assisted general contractors, architects, engineers, commercial property owners, and many other construction industry professionals during contractual disputes. Regardless of what side of the suit you fall, our team has the legal and construction industry expertise to resolve lien claims, construction defects, breach of contract, defamation claims, and other potential issues that may arise during the operation of your business. Our legal experts can also help you determine whether arbitration or litigation is the best choice to achieve your desired outcome.

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Construction Lien Law

Florida’s Construction Lien Law is amongst the most complicated law for contractors due to the filing guidelines set forth by the Stated. To ensure you have the ability to exercise your lien rights or to defend against a lien placed on your property, choose a construction attorney in Brandon, who understands the Florida Statutes and the relationships between owners, contractors, and sub-contractors during improvements made to privately held real property.

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Bid Protests

Government bids for county, state, or federal construction projects are to be made objectively with all companies given an equal opportunity to gain the contract. However, this is not always the case. If you believe a construction contract was improperly distributed, a Brandon construction lawyer can assist your company with filing a bid protest at any level and with any agent of the government.

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Contract Review and Drafting

The foundation of a successful construction project begins with a well designed contract. There should be no room for interpretation or grey area that can be manipulated if issues arise between one or more parties. When it comes to contract review and drafting, there is no room for mistakes. It takes expert legal knowledge and a background in Brandon construction law to make sure every detail is tended to with the utmost attention.

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