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Any construction professional knows that the industry is not for the faint of heart. Between the inherent danger that comes from working in this hands-on field to the number of parties needed to complete a given project, a career in construction comes with a heightened chance of injury and conflict.

If you have found yourself in an acrimonious contractor-subcontractor dispute, need OSHA defense, would like assistance drafting a contract, or require legal counsel regarding certain business decisions, working with a Broward County construction lawyer will protect your best interests.

OSHA Defense

Sometimes even the most accomplished construction companies find themselves in hot water with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Whether a worker got injured or your jobsite received a surprise inspection, our firm’s attorneys have ample experience in OSHA defense and will fight tenaciously against your alleged charges.

Sometimes construction professionals proactively employ a “stitch in time saves nine” approach and seek preemptive counsel regarding OSHA compliance. Our Broward County construction lawyers are also happy to advise you.


Any construction project is a collective effort between numerous parties, from contractors and subcontractors to engineers and architects. Optimally, a contract will ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the project flows seamlessly. However, if a conflict arises, the opposing group(s) will inevitably try to find flaws in the contract that support their side of the argument.

Our firm has reviewed and revised hundreds of contracts including all major American Institute of Architects (AIA), ConsensusDOCS, and Associated General Contractors (AGC) forms. We offer fixed pricing for drafting contract forms in order to better serve our clients. When it comes to what is essentially the backbone of your project, construction professionals across America trust the Cotney name.

Mediation, Arbitration, and Litigation

If a dispute does arise, it goes without saying that you want it to turn out favorably for your side. Our Broward County construction lawyers will represent you whether your conflict requires a mediation, arbitration, or goes all the way to litigation. Mediation and arbitration are both forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution, or ADR. Mediation is typically the least expensive and time-consuming, whereas arbitration is more structured and the arbitrator’s decision is binding. Litigation, which is not a form of ADR, is the most aggressive and costly form of conflict resolution.

Work With Skilled Broward County Construction Lawyers

OSHA defense, contracts, and dispute resolution are only a few of our many practice areas. The lawyers at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants have a combined 100+ years of construction law experience and will use their expertise to fight tirelessly for your business.

If you are in need of a professional construction law firm, please submit our contact request form for more information.

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