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Bulldoze Through Worksite Discrimination

The construction industry is complex, competitive, and dynamic. Today’s talented construction pool of professionals comes in all shapes, sizes, creed, and color. More and more women hold construction positions and many men working on jobsites hail from countries outside the United States. Add varied wages to this list, and you’re likely going to have problems—and a potential need for a Clearwater construction attorney. Take a few minutes to read this article for ways to protect your eclectic group of people.

Address The Pink Elephant In The Room

No one wants to kick off that meeting—the one about that awkward moment when Eric… forget it. Unfortunately, we can’t forget about the pink elephant in the room when it comes to discrimination on the worksite. Consider contacting a reputable Clearwater construction lawyer to represent your business if facing discrimination charges.

Lead The Right Example

It’s best to refrain from whistling, grabbing, and pinching anyone or anything. We’ve all seen hard hat harassment portrayed throughout the years in cartoons or movies, but it shouldn’t reach your worksite. Lead your construction team by setting the right example. Develop comprehensive policies to guide employees away from discriminating acts.

Investigate Suspected Discrimination

Don’t ignore any reports of discrimination. Keep a journal of incidents, including the date and time, and the name of any witnesses. Communicate incident information with your human resources department, union representative, or the proper authorities when necessary. Remember, you have the right to also contact a Clearwater construction attorney for further assistance.

Implement Equality And Diversity Strategy

Sometimes discrimination happens innocently. People aren’t aware they are insulting their colleagues. Consider implementing an equality and diversity strategy to further educate your employees and minimize litigation risk.

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