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Business Expansion Tips for Contractors Part 2

Owning a small construction business is a source of pride for many contractors. Nothing spells success like being your own boss and helping others create wealth alongside you. Running a business is not always easy, and the challenges that contractors face can turn your dream into a nightmare if you do not have a strategy in place to maintain and grow your business. You can be an excellent builder, but do you possess the necessary skills needed to manage a construction business?

In part one of this series, our Jacksonville construction lawyers gave some tips for growing your business including joining an industry association and protecting your cash flow. In this section, we will focus on investing in your business, hiring the right people, and paying attention to trends.

Invest in Your Business

Growing any business requires an investment. That means buying new equipment, embracing technology, and actively marketing your business. Without an effective marketing plan, you will not be able to successfully grow your business. Contractors must devote a sufficient amount of their funds into branding and marketing their business. Today’s consumer places more credibility on companies with on online presence, so investing in a professional website and advertising on popular social media networks like Facebook is highly recommended.

Hire the Right Talent

The more your business grows, the more you will need to rely on skilled talent to handle your increasing workloads. As baby boomers begin to make their exit from the construction industry, employers must step up their recruiting efforts if they want to entice millennials and Generation Z to enter the industry. A lack of skilled labor or a low-skilled labor force will have a disastrous effect on your business, including subpar buildings, construction delays, and budget increases.

Pay Attention to Emerging Trends

The construction industry is booming with innovation, but it can sometimes be tough to keep up with changes to safety, materials, and design. However, staying abreast of the latest trends, best practices, and new technology will keep you competitive. A few trends that can affect how you do business includes:

  • Green construction
  • Modular construction
  • Robots and drones
  • Project management software
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Staying current with construction trends keeps you aware of legislative changes and gives you an advantage over your competition.

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