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Career Opportunities for Military Veterans in Construction Part 5 featured image

Career Opportunities for Military Veterans in Construction Part 5

In this five-part series, the Hillsborough County contractor lawyers at Cotney Construction Law are discussing ways we can offer opportunities to our talented military veterans. In the first part, we discussed several of the challenges that veterans face after they are honorably discharged from the military. In the second part, we featured a few ways that veterans can become a welcome addition to construction projects. In the third and fourth sections, we covered many areas and positions in construction that veterans can excel at.

In this last section, we will offer you a few tips on ways to ensure that military veterans will thrive in career-oriented positions at your construction site. Remember, for any of your project needs, a Pinellas County construction attorney is here to assist you.

Recruitment Opportunities

In a previous section, we mentioned that the greatest challenge is recruiting talented veterans in the construction workforce. It’s important that contractors and project managers understand that the best and brightest veterans will not appear out of thin air at their job site. In order to work alongside the most talented veterans, you must perform your due diligence and recruit these men and women while they are still in service.

Organizations like the Association of Equipment Management Professionals are committed to finding opportunities in construction for veterans by working with military bases. Veterans are often the ideal candidates for equipment operation positions and can quickly work their way up to a project manager position; however, in order to enjoy long-term success in the industry, construction firms must establish good relationships with branches of the armed forces and with Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) programs at high schools and colleges across the nation.

Focus on Training

One of the greatest challenges for veterans is undergoing the traditional application process. The construction industry can offset this by offering positions to applicants based off of their experience operating equipment and utilizing technology in the armed forces. This skill set is more valuable to a construction firm than a well-worded resume or great interview. It’s important that construction firms focus on the value of the applicant’s past experience and similar training and less on their performance in an interview.

Cultivating Long-Term Success

After you employ a military veteran, it’s important that you provide your employee with the workplace development programs and guidance they need to succeed. Many contractors that hire an “inexperienced” veteran marvel at how quickly they acclimate to the position’s requirements. With the right mentorship and training, veterans can provide job sites with the necessary talent to complete projects effectively and efficiently.

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