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Career Tools for Women in Construction

As we entered 2020, women held 50.04% of American jobs. For the first time in a decade, women were on more payrolls than men. Not only have women been on more payrolls than men, but also 5.4% of working women have reported working multiple jobs. Women in the workforce have hugely impacted the working world. As women are conquering more career opportunities, and more importantly, attaining leadership positions, we must empower women to continue advancing in the workforce. We encourage all women that, as you are unapologetically making your mark in the business world, here are some things to take into consideration while elevating your career.

Networking is an essential resource that women can have in the business world. The return on investment is crucial and will inevitably enhance your career. Success requires your networking needs to be strategic, intentional, and deliberate. It is imperative not to take a “what can you do for me” approach, by creating meaningful relationships and connections that are mutually beneficial. To accomplish your goals, you must step outside your comfort zone. Another advantage is that networking presents women the opportunity to identify role models, find mentors, and sponsors to amplify career opportunities. Networking can come in many shapes and sizes; each industry may host its networking functions in differing settings. Finding an event that appeals to you should not be hard. Within the Construction industry, women can find outlets for networking in forms of book clubs, candle making, wine tasting, happy hour socials, lunch & learns, and many more!

Mentors and role models are a critical part of both professional and personal development. Mentors empower women and give them leadership opportunities. It is a great way to access knowledge that you cannot get elsewhere and connect with others for a whole new range of learning. Mentors will help create goals and exchange valuable skills that can help women overcome barriers in the workplace. One of the key benefits of mentoring is communication practice, which is one of the most powerful skills a woman can have. No one mentors a woman better than another woman in a power role. The goal of mentorship should be showing growth by both the mentee and mentor. The mentee should have had the chance to gain skills and advance effectively. The mentor should have been able to practice their leadership skills, vulnerability, receiving feedback, and communication skills.

To succeed, you must go outside your comfort zone and let yourself and your contribution be known. Develop a strong personal brand and strong reputation; being known for your work in your industry will give you more business opportunities. Make sure that you are aware of your strengths and unique skills are so you can brand yourself. If you are unsure of your strengths, there are many resources you can utilize to take an assessment and learn more about yourself. Resources like DISC, 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire, or the HEXACO model will offer in-depth testing to determine your core personality strengths and weaknesses. There are endless amounts of resources for women in the workforce. Blogs, podcasts, and forums for women to stay connected, learn and build their network. For example, Career Contessa is an online community where women can access a variety of educational material, mentoring/coaching and even job opportunities. They even have a program called kickstart, which is a 28-day plan for finding a new job, making more money, or learning new skills.

Overcome the self-promotion gap! There may be a lot of women who feel uncomfortable talking about their accomplishments, but in business, this is what will set you apart from the rest. If you don’t talk about your accomplishments, somebody else will be talking about their own. Don’t downplay your role or minimize your successes. Underselling yourself and your work can be detrimental in the long run! Encourage other women to speak about their achievements; this will create an environment where women can empower each other to be proud of what they have done. Develop a robust online presence and showcase your work. Embrace what you think you can’t do and always look for new challenges.

The reality is that the construction industry is mostly comprised of men, but that does not mean that women can’t build successful careers in this industry. Women make up over 50% of the US workforce, but less than 10% of the construction workforce. There is plenty of opportunity in these trades for women to have long-lasting and fulfilling professions. Forget about the stereotypes and misconceptions that specific industries are only for men. Construction companies should also aim to create a culture that is an inclusive environment for women. Diversity is essential in every organizational culture to have access to a wide range of ideas and talents. Whether you are artistic, creative, or love mathematics, there is a role for you. The construction industry puts beginners in a position to attain consistent growth throughout their careers. A career in construction offers a plethora of opportunities and benefits for everyone.

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