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Construction law encompasses countless federal and state statutes and involves many different entities. Regardless of the legal service required, the Central FL contractor lawyers at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants have the knowledge, experience, and capability to represent our client’s best interests in every type of legal dispute related to the construction industry.

Accomplished Central FL Contractor Lawyers

A Central FL construction lawyer is well versed in a wide assortment of legal services and can provide their construction professional clientele with the best solutions to their legal matters. In fact, a construction lawyer can assist their client with a variety of legal services in just the preconstruction phase alone. This includes creating a clearly worded contract and assisting construction professionals with the approval and bidding process.

Precise Contractual Language

Contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, manufacturers, developers, and other construction professionals all must agree to a written contract prior to participating on a project. A construction contract is the legal guideline to the work that the professional is providing to the project. The articles within this written agreement are critical if things inevitably go wrong. A Central FL construction lawyer can draft, review, or revise a contract and ensure that the right clearly worded language is being utilized to protect you from any liability issues while you work on your project.

Comprehensive Legal Services

Every contractor knows that the construction industry involves a lot of red tape. An experienced attorney will help lead you through the preconstruction process by providing the right agencies with the right legal documents. This includes everything from seeking local, state, or government approval to perform the work, ensuring your building plans are in compliance with the law, and even assistance navigating through the bid or bid protest process. When politics are involved in the construction process, you need a knowledgeable advocate in your corner to assist you.

Construction Law and Resolving Disputes

Of course, once work has commenced for our clients, there are a plethora of other disputes that may arise on a project. We offer assistance with litigation and arbitration hearings, employment law and workers compensation, bankruptcy laws, lien claims and bond laws, defense against Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) citations, along with many other essential legal services.

We Partner With Construction Professionals

At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, we are a nationally recognized law firm that proudly represents the legal needs of our construction clients. With collectively over 100 years of experience, our Central FL contractor lawyers are here to offer clients the excellent legal advice and counsel they require in order to prosper in their positions.

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