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Cotney Attorneys & Consultants is devoted to representing hard-working professionals in the construction industry. You may be asking yourself, “What specific type of law does a Central FL contractor attorney practice?” The short answer is that a construction lawyer covers any area of the law that relates to the construction industry. However, in this article, we will expand on this answer and cover some of the essential areas of the law that our Central FL contractor attorneys assist our clients with.

Knowledgeable Central FL Contractor Attorneys

An excellent Central FL contractor attorney can provide you with more than just an ironclad contract. Even with a well-defined written agreement, a construction project can present a wide assortment of challenging issues that require the attention of one of our attorneys. Whether it’s preventing a dispute from emerging or resolving an ongoing dispute with litigation, our lawyers are capable of resolving any type of construction-related dispute a professional may encounter.

We Practice Several Areas of Law

Here are just a few types of law that we assist contractors with:

Employment Law: Construction companies need to be ensured that they are in compliance with state and federal laws in regard to employing workers and compensating them appropriately. From worker’s compensation to wage and hour laws, a Central FL contractor attorney can assist you with any of your employment legal issues.

OSHA Defense: One concern all contractors should have is adhering to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements. Along with the dangers of construction work, if you are issued a penalty, OSHA violations can be costly. Our Central FL contractor attorneys are intimately familiar with the OSHA inspection process and we can help contractor’s prevent and remove hazards from the workplace. If you are issued a citation, we can also assist you with the appeal process.

Bankruptcy and Lien Law: Bankruptcy laws are highly complex and require the counsel of an experienced attorney. If a bankrupt entity is compromising an ongoing project or preventing a contractor from receiving full payment for their work, a knowledgeable attorney can perfect a mechanic’s lien against the debtor, have the automatic stay lifted, or file a secured claim on your behalf.

Experienced Litigators in Construction Law

We offer a variety of dispute resolution services and have attained many favorable settlements for our clients through arbitrations and mediations. If a dispute needs to go to court, our construction attorneys are highly skilled litigators and are experienced in taking cases to trial and achieving successful verdicts.

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