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Challenges Construction Companies Face: Changing Regulations

At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, we know all too well how fast-paced the construction industry can be. Our Miami contractor attorneys have extensive experience in the construction industry, both professionally and legally, so we understand that things can slip through the cracks. However, we also know that good intentions will not keep legal battles away if businesses aren’t diligent about being aware of and adjusting to changing regulations.

Big Regulatory Battles

It is a challenge to keep up with ever-changing federal, state, county, and city regulations. In 2016, the construction industry faced some major regulatory battles that resulted in victories in the areas of overtime rule, fair pay, and The Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (LMRDA). Even in the areas of loss, businesses can continue to fight for change in areas that affect their livelihood, but they must also be diligent about complying with every rule once it is in place.

The Impact of Updates

Everyone should be aware of changes that occur because any new change will create new obligations for construction professionals at different levels. For example, some changes could add costs that many aren’t ready to pay. Furthermore, if companies resist, they can face penalties and fines.

Be Proactive

After fighting against proposed regulation changes, companies need to be proactive about complying with updated rules was they are implemented. As Miami contractor attorneys, we understand that sometimes there just isn’t enough time to stay abreast of the changes. Nonetheless, a little bit of proactiveness goes a long way, and it will keep your business afloat. Following are suggestions for staying in the loop of industry regulation changes:

  • Establish membership with relative professional associations (i.e., NRCA, AGC)
  • Get popular industry publications in your email or mailbox
  • Sign up for newsletters and blog posts
  • Visit websites like OSHA, the DBPR, and the DOL regularly
  • Keep regulation-related materials in a separate place for easy retrieval

Spend some time every week perusing websites and reading materials to familiarize yourself with new changes so you can stay in compliance.

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