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Charlotte Bid Protest Lawyer

Federal contracts allow construction firms to provide their services to large-scale projects on the local, state, and federal level. Regrettably, the bidding process is competitive, and the government doesn’t always pick the right team for the job.

A Charlotte bid protest lawyer can help you secure federal contracts with effective bids. If you believe your firm wasn’t fairly considered for a contract, our skilled legal team can guide you through the process of bid protest. There are billions of dollars in federal contracts waiting to be collected. Consult a Charlotte bid protest lawyer to start winning government contracts today.

We Help You Win Charlotte Government Construction Contracts

Procuring Charlotte government construction contracts can be difficult for the inexperienced. Most firms fail to secure a bid when they first start bidding on federal contracts because they don’t understand what happens behind the scenes when the government considers who to award contracts to. The government uses a sealed bidding process that allows them to consider prospects on a case-by-case basis, using a series of comprehensive and technical systems to evaluate each applicant according to the needs of the project in question.

As you begin to win bids, you will notice that the bidding process becomes substantially less daunting than when you initially started bidding. Getting to this point requires a lot of fortitude and the willingness to try over and over again. At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, our clients benefit from thorough guidance as we advise them through the process of placing a bid in accordance with the guidelines proposed by the federal contract selection committees.

Boosting Your Bid’s Value

Our skilled legal experts can boost the value of your bid by utilizing North Carolina’s “lowest responsible bidder” rule. By preemptively ensuring that your bid meets the project qualifications and making a qualified estimate, our team helps you zero in on the perfect bid. Alternatively, we can help draft a proposal touting the highest value possible to eliminate low-cost competitors in the bidding process.

Your bid is important. You don’t want it to fall by the wayside due to poor planning. Our team can help make every bid your best with other services including:

  • Bid Protests: Whether challenging a winning bid or protecting your bid, our team increases the likelihood that your firm is awarded a federal contract.
  • Targeting Projects: By performing a comprehensive evaluation of your firm, we can target prospective federal contracts that best suit you.
  • Attractive Bids: Our law firm excels in building comprehensive bid packages that not only provide a proposal in compliance with North Carolina bid standards, but also highlight your relevant experience from past projects and any notable company policies.

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