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Construction defects can arise on a jobsite for many reasons: defective materials, bad design, poor workmanship, operational issues, maintenance problems. The sheer speed of work needed to keep up with Colorado construction jobs can make defects more likely. If the defect causes the owner to move toward litigation, you’ll need to be represented by a Colorado Springs construction defect attorney who understands the subtleties of construction law.

Experienced Colorado Springs Construction Defect Lawyers

The allegation of a construction defect means that you need experienced and skilled legal representation to protect your reputation. In construction, your reputation is everything to your continued success and livelihood. Cotney Attorneys & Consultants understands the specifics of construction law and works passionately on your behalf.

We serve contractors, subcontractors, and other construction professionals who need legal counsel. Our attorneys understand how to best represent construction professionals and have experience with construction defect cases.

Costly defects can include issues with:

  • Structural: foundations, support issues, and framing
  • Electrical: wiring, circuits, grounding, and improper installation
  • Mechanical: HVAC, elevator, and nonfunctioning doors and windows
  • Water: intrusion, damage, and toxic mold
  • Roof: leaks and blocked gutters

Construction defect claims can threaten you and your business. You could be held liable for damages and repairs if you don’t get the proper representation.

Up to Date on Industry Law

Although recent reform in construction defect laws has helped to balance construction professionals’ and homeowners’ rights in the eyes of the law, construction defect laws are still complex and lack a perfect equilibrium. To protect your construction business, it’s important to work with a Colorado Springs construction defect lawyer who is up to date in regard to the laws that matter in your industry. Cotney Attorneys & Consultants is dedicated to serving members of the construction industry, so you can count on us to understand all laws impacting the industry and your business.

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