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How a Colorado Springs Contractor Attorney Can Help Your Business

Contractors work hard to earn a living, but sometimes they don’t get paid the compensation owed to them. A Colorado Springs contractor attorney can help you by drafting strong contracts, reviewing legal documents, and working to get you the pay you deserve. As a construction law firm dedicated to representing construction businesses, we can also make certain that your jobsite is in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. If a legal dispute does occur during a project, you’ll get the benefit of our construction law knowledge and experience.

Contract Drafting and Review by a Colorado Springs Contractor Lawyer

A strong construction contract is crucial to smooth job completion. A poorly written contract can hold you responsible for instances that aren’t in your control, such as inclement weather, material shortages, and product recalls. Simply put, having a lawyer draft employment, supply, and subcontractor contracts can help protect your business.

Cotney Attorneys & Consultants drafts the legal forms that you need, including:

  • Contractor-owner agreements
  • Supplier agreements
  • Subcontractor-contractor agreements
  • Engineer-architect agreements
  • Indemnity provisions
  • Releases

Lien Assistance

Navigating the lien landscape is confusing even for experienced contractors. Mechanics liens have notice requirements, filing deadlines, and expiration dates. If you miss a deadline, you could lose your chance to get paid. A contractor lawyer can help you file liens and make deadlines while ensuring that all of your paperwork is correct.


There are many reasons why disagreements may arise on the jobsite, including breach of contract, differing site conditions, errors and omissions, and negligence. When a disagreement turns into a legal dispute, it’s important to have the best possible representation on your side. Litigation is useful if you need a legally binding agreement, but there are other ways to settle a dispute.

We can work with you in regards to mediation and arbitration, both are cost-effective options depending on the nature of the dispute and your needs. Even if you are not engaged in a legal dispute, it is often useful to get legal advice before any action is taken that could potentially result in a dispute.

OSHA Defense

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards are complicated and employees don’t always heed the training and education given to them. The experienced Colorado Springs contractor lawyers at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants can help you prepare for an inspection of your construction site. If your jobsite receives an OSHA violation, we can also advise you of rights that you may not be aware of.

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