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Colorado’s Affordable Housing Crisis Part 2

Colorado is a gorgeous, mountainous state that is experiencing some serious growing pains. The hard times of the state’s affordable housing crisis can be felt by laborers, contractors, and homebuyers alike. In part one of this series, an attorney experienced in Colorado Springs construction law detailed the various causes of the affordable housing crisis. Now, we will be looking at what can be done to stop the stranglehold that this crisis has on the Centennial State and its construction industry. For questions and concerns on how to keep workers safe and avoid construction defect claims while meeting Colorado’s housing demands, please consult with a lawyer at Cotney Construction Law.

What Can Colorado Do?

Colorado is already taking real steps towards combating its affordable housing crisis. The state has put forward tax-funded initiatives to preserve and develop new affordable housing units, purchase land that will be put towards the development of these units, help residents afford their current homes, and encourage the hiring of disadvantaged workers for the construction industry.

Over 170,000 construction workers are currently employed in Colorado. That number will have to rise to offset Colorado’s labor shortage and meet demand. In addition to taking advantage of the above hiring initiatives, construction companies in Colorado will need to reach out to younger generations to supplement the current workforce. They can do this by actively recruiting from high schools and trade schools while debunking the stigmas of this industry. Younger generations will come on board when they realize that the construction industry can offer a clear path to success.  

Where Are We Going?

Even with the above efforts, the affordable housing crisis shows no signs of slowing. Colorado remains one of the fastest growing states in the U.S., which means construction companies in Colorado will be going full steam in the years to come. Construction firms struggling to keep up with demand could face any number of issues, including construction defect claims, on-the-job injuries, and potential bankruptcy. To ensure that you are protected from the above complications and more, partner with the attorneys at Cotney Construction Law that are devoted to and specialize in Colorado Springs construction law.

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