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Common Dangers Present on the Construction Site Part 1

Construction projects come with many challenges. Between investing in materials, leasing equipment, dealing with deadlines, managing the inspection process, and combating the labor shortage problem, one concern that can never be overlooked is the safety of your workers. In this two-part article, a Little Rock construction attorney will discuss some of the most common hazards that construction professionals need to be mindful of while they are working on the jobsite.  

Infrastructure Issues

During the building process, workers need to perform their tasks in a less-than-ideal working environment. An incomplete structure poses many safety risks to the workers present on the site. Here are some challenges when performing this work:

  • Structural integrity: The general condition of the interior of the structure can put workers at risk. This includes holes in the flooring, debris hanging from the ceiling, unfinished stairwells, among other safety risks. All hazards need to be roped off and there should be daily meetings keeping everyone informed of these hazards.
  • Incomplete systems: In some cases, a fire protection system may not be installed. There can also be exposed piping, inadequate lighting, or loose wiring. It’s also important that all workers are trained on how to work around portable cords on the jobsite and that these cords are inspected daily.
  • Chemical dangers: For renovations, there may be a need for asbestos removal. Sometimes there are other dangerous chemical components located on the site. From paint and solvents to combustibles, even construction dust poses a health risk. All workers need to be provided with personal protective equipment (PPE) and sent home if a harmful chemical component is discovered.

Heavy Equipment and Tools

Construction equipment is designed to solve problems and make jobsites safer; however, if not properly monitored, the equipment and vehicles onsite can pose a serious safety risk. Workers need to be monitored and trained on what areas of the site they can frequent when heavy equipment is onsite. From making eye contact with the equipment operators to flaggers to a well-coordinated entry/exit area of the site, construction equipment mishaps can be avoided. In addition, only trained equipment operators should utilize this equipment.

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