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Common Dangers Present on the Construction Site Part 2

Construction sites can be hectic and often feature a lot of moving parts. In this two-part article, a Little Rock contractor lawyer is covering many of the most common dangers located on a construction site. In the first section, we discussed many of the physical hazards present onsite. In this section, we will discuss management level decisions you need to consider to avoid workplace safety issues. Remember, for any of your construction project legal needs, please contact a Little Rock contractor attorney.  

Management Concerns

Here are three things every project manager needs to consider:

Exit plan: Construction sites have many professionals coming and going to complete numerous tasks. During all the commotion, a contractor or project manager can overlook critical issues like making sure everyone present is aware of the exit routes to utilize in case of an emergency. With materials and equipment located throughout the site, it’s critical that this route is cleared throughout the day and all professionals are aware of its existence.   

Working space: Another issue with an influx of workers arriving at a construction site is that the professionals may not have a spacious area for them to utilize for their materials and equipment. Crowding a construction site can lead to many serious injuries including collisions, being struck by objects, or being caught in-between. It’s important that cramped spaces are organized and that only the professionals that need to be in the workspace are present. Lastly, project managers need to make certain that these crews that are working closely together are communicating efficiently and following safety protocols.    

Power supplies: With exposed wiring, incomplete work, and temporary power supplies located on the premises, professionals need to be mindful of any potential electrical hazards located on the site. Moreover, they need to know where this power is being distributed from and how to power it off in case of an emergency.

Consult With Construction Lawyers

It’s critical that contractors closely follow all safety procedures when working on projects and consistently hold safety meetings with their team. At Cotney Construction Law, we assist construction professionals with their projects in a variety of ways. This includes everything from defending against OSHA citations to performing safety audits of sites. For any of your construction legal needs, contact our law firm today.    

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