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Common Plumbing Problems on Completed Construction Projects Part 2

Every construction element, from roofs to concrete foundations to plumbing, must be executed flawlessly in order to mitigate construction defects. Seemingly small issues, such as burgeoning mold growth, can lead to hazardous conditions and personal injury lawsuits — a contractor’s worst nightmare.

We are picking up where we left off in part one by discussing common plumbing problems on completed construction projects. If you are a contractor who has been accused of causing a construction defect, you may be targeted by owners and other injured parties. When you are confronted with outrageous defect claims, consult with a Ft. Myers construction defect attorney.

Contaminated Water Supply

Poor plumbing can lead to a structure’s public drinking water system being contaminated by potentially hazardous elements. This can happen by way of a cross-connection, an unintended connection to another system, or backflow, a reversal of water back into a drinking water system. When one of these issues occurs, occupants can unknowingly ingest bacteria and other pollutants. Personal injury lawsuits from a building’s worth of people can easily drown a construction firm in debt.

Hazardous Spores

Mold is a topic that brings about anxiety in many people. The mere sight of mold can cause a person to panic even though the mold may not be hazardous. As we discussed in part one, water leaks can cause incredible damage if left unchecked. They can also lead to mold growth. When mold forms on a completed project, an owner may claim that the plumbing installation consisted of improper materials, faulty design, poor workmanship, or negligence. Architects, engineers, and contractors alike can be targeted by lawsuits relating to mold growth.

Contractors may be sued by both owners and other parties that claim to have had their property damaged or health impacted by any of the above issues. At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, we understand that staying afloat in this industry is hard enough without contractors having to combat personal injury claims and construction defect claims. Partner with a Ft. Myers construction defect lawyer at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants that is willing to aggressively fight these allegations on your behalf.

If you would like to speak with a Ft. Myers construction defect attorney, please contact us today.

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