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Comparing Land Surveyors and Construction Surveyors

Land surveys are conducted for a number of reasons. Generally, you will work with a land surveyor or a construction surveyor when surveying a piece of land. Perhaps you have invested in a plot of land and you want to find out the exact locations of your property lines, or maybe you are getting ready to start a new construction project and want to identify any potential issues that could negatively affect your timeline; either way, it’s important to understand that there are significant differences between a land surveyor and a construction surveyor.

Surveying Land

Before you hire a professional surveyor to inspect your land, it’s important to establish your intent for the piece of land in question. Consult a construction lawyer in Franklin, TN to help you determine whether or not your project needs the assistance of a land surveyor or a construction surveyor.  Since different types of land surveys reveal different information about a piece of land, you need to be certain that you are seeking the services of a professional who can help you get the insight you need to proceed with a project.

Generally speaking, a basic land survey will help you establish the corners, boundaries, lines, and monuments of your land. Land surveyors sift through historical evidence and deeds to help accurately obtain information regarding your land. There are many types of surveys including condominium surveys, mortgage or title surveys, and construction surveys.

Working with Land Surveyors

How do you know that you are working with a skilled land surveyor? Land surveyors are licensed professionals who hire survey teams to conduct surveys. A licensed land surveyor is responsible for the results of every survey they are compensated for. Therefore, a land surveyor has to be skilled to retain their license and maintain profitability. Land surveyors write legal descriptions of land for deeds and leases, perform court exhibit surveys, help mediate land and boundary disputes, and assist the court with traffic accident investigations. In addition, they are commonly called upon to help complete subdivision surveys that are used to divide land into blocks, streets, and parks.

Working with Construction Surveyors

All construction surveyors are land surveyors, but not all land surveyors are construction surveyors. That is because construction surveyors are simply land surveyors who specialize in plots of land being used for construction. Construction surveying helps establish where structures like highways, bridges, and buildings can be installed without compromising safety. By noting the dimensional measurements of structures, construction surveyors ensure that projects reach completion according to the design plan and geography of the region. The most important role of a construction surveyor is ensuring that structures are built on solid ground.

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