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Constructibility Reviews: An Introduction & Benefits

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, construction spending is expected to top the $350 billion mark by next year. The construction industry is booming. It’s evident in the new buildings, communities and roads that are going up throughout the state of Florida and across the U.S.

As the saying goes, “time is money” and with so much money involved in construction, delays come at a tremendous cost. However, the construction process is a complex one with numerous parts and players involved. Delays are inevitable to a certain degree.

What is a Constructibility Review?

A constructibility review is a planning tool that takes a comprehensive look at all aspects of a project’s design to determine if it is feasible for construction. These reviews are designed to take the knowledge of contractors, architects, engineers, and stakeholders to determine the ease for which a structure can be completed successfully and on time and budget. Constructability reviews should be led by an experienced engineer. He or she will be able to identify issues that others may not catch.

Benefits of Constructability

Despite being a time intensive process, there are a number of benefits that come with constructability reviews.

These include:

  • Resolving issues before construction starts: By taking a close look at the design of a project before construction starts, you greatly increase the likelihood of success. Discrepancies between design and building requirements can be ironed out. Items that may make the construction process inefficient can be eliminated.
  • Fewer change orders: By identifying issues at the start of the project and collaborating with a project team to solve them, you can reduce the chances of change orders marring the construction process. The open dialogue created by a constructibility review ensures that everyone is satisfied with the direction of the project. There are less of the types of disputes that require the aid of a Florida construction attorney.
  • Fewer delays: Taking additional time before a project starts can iron out issues, which means projects can move forward without costly delays.

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