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Constructibility Reviews: Steps and Tips

In many facets of life, it’s important to get it right the first time. It’s most critical in the construction industry. With millions of dollars on the line and the safety of the people who use a structure in mind, it’s crucial that construction projects are completed correctly per safety standards and user requirements. This all needs to be done on time and within budget as well.

Constructability reviews are a way to accomplish that. A constructability review uses the knowledge of engineers, contractors, and clients, among others, to examine the design of a structure to determine the ease for which it can be built. It allows questions to be asked of the designers so that issues can be ironed out before construction begins. This, ideally, makes for a smoother process.

In the first part of this series, we introduced the concept of constructability reviews and listed a few of its benefits. In this part, our Fort Lauderdale construction attorneys will provide a few tips for executing one.

Understand the Connection Between Systems

Many of the design issues that can arise stem from the interface between two systems. At times, interior and exterior systems, for example, are not designed with the other in mind. These issues may easily come forward during construction. Close attention must be paid to how various parts of a design interacts to ensure that it is seamless.

Prioritize Your List of Concerns

Not all issues are critical. When producing a constructability review, determine if an issue would inhibit your ability to complete the project. If it does, it’s worth including it in the comments. If it’s not, carefully consider if it needs to be included. By doing this, you keep the constructability review process efficient.

Use a Checklist

The constructability review process can be streamlined with the use of a checklist. The checklist should be broken down into categories that cover design aspects pertaining to user requirements, sustainability, and saving time and money.

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